Valentine's Flowers Tip of the day

How to keep your flowers longer! The top three mistakes people make with their flowers

image by real simple
1.  The water isn't changed frequently (or at all, Yikes!).  Dirty water breeds bacteria which is one of the major culprits in flowers dying.   Change the water every two days.  Don't want to disrupt your arrangement by dumping the water?  Use a turkey baster to get the water out, then carefully use your faucet to add more! 

2.  The flower arrangement is dying of heat!  This one is a bit trickier as the 'flower spot' is most likely going to be on a table next to some great sunshine (if your lucky enough to get sun).  Unfortunately, flowers don't like the warm sun like they do when they are in the ground.   It is best to keep your arrangement in a cool spot away from direct sunlight.  
      If you just can't bare keeping your arrangement from it's perfect location, try moving it in the afternoon or evening hours to that cool spot.  This will prolong the life.

image by rebecca duke
3.  Some of the flowers need tossed.   When you see any flower starting to wilt or petals starting to turn brown toss them!  Don't throw the whole arrangement in the trash, just get rid of the ones that aren't front runners anymore.  Think of those dead or wilting flowers as having the flu.  Whatever that one touches will spread quick.  Get those in the trash, change the water and give the live flowers a fresh cut! 


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