Valentine's Flowers Tip of the day

How to help your Florist help You!

For some people, ordering flowers can be like pulling teeth!  There are many more questions to be answered than most people are prepared for.  Here are the top 3 tips to know before your call your florist:

Image from Neurons wordpress
1. Who and where are the flowers going to?  Spelling is a plus with this one!  Knowing a phone number of some sort is important for delivery (especially if the weather is bad and the flowers can't be left) couldn't hurt either!

2. What would you like to send?  Florist are looking for the following
A. a fresh flower arrangement  or B. a flowering or non flowering plant, and C. a price range (Minimum range is $35)

If you want to order a high quality bouquet with minimal foliage (greens), then say the following:

Fresh arrangement with No babies breath, leather leaf, carnations, alstromeria, asters, or daisy poms.  This will ensure the quality isn't compromised by these lovely, yet inexpensive flowers.

3. What would you like the card to say?  One would think the flowers will speak for themselves, but just to be safe, why not at least let the recipient know who they are from!  Card enclosure tips tomorrow.


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