Valentine's Flowers Tip of the day

Today's tip is about ordering options.  Below is a list based on the type of relationship you have with your honey, and more importantly, how you want to have!

1. The committed relationship:  Red roses or red monochromatic arrangement (pictured right).  This arrangement will suggest the following;  classic, traditional, romantic, serious and most importantly LOVE. 

2.  Dating seriously : A red monochromatic arrangement CAN work if you are heading to the first relationship.  If not, go with a mix of reds, pinks and creams.  Mixing in roses with other flowers is a great way of showing you "care for her." 

3.  Dating casually or Flirty relationship:  I suggest ordering a fun mix of vibrant colored (pictured left) or pastel arrangement depending on her tastes.  If your honey is a trendy and loves color, go with a mix of vibrant colors like purple, pink, orange and yellow.  If they are more classic, go with a pastel color pallet like lavender, pink, and cream. 

Want something different?  No matter what type of relationship, if your honey is into modern design and loves places like CB2, or pop art like Andy Warhol chances are a tropical arrangement is in the running!
 This arrangement is going to run high in cost, but will last extra long!  When ordering a tropical arrangement, be sure to specify what colors you want to see, or you will be sure to get a mix of everything. 


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