Valentine's Flowers Tip of the day 
February 14 people!  It is a Monday this year!

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Tip of the day:  How to order a dozen red roses

1. Ask for the length of the rose and approximate petal count.  I suggest no less than 50cm roses and petal count no less than 40.   Ideally the rose will be 60cm and have a petal count up to 100.

Next time you are at the florist, or grocery store, check out the roses and, if possible, lightly pinch the base of the flower head.  If the base feels hard and the flower has yet to open, it is a decent quality rose.  However, if the base feels almost hollow, the petal count is low and the flower won't last more than a few days. 
2.  Decide if you would like the traditional long stem arrangement, or short compact arrangement. You can often save at least $5 by ordering a compact vase!

3. Save money by bringing in your vase.  Chances are you have them under your sink, why not save some money and bring in your own a head of time.   You might consider using your significant others favorite or family vase that has been passed down. 

4. Finally, order your flowers no later than THURSDAY FEBRUARY 10TH.  This way, you get the better roses as they come in.  

110 Million red roses are sold every year in the U.S. on Valentine's day!   With the demand being HIGH, so is the price.   Be prepared to spend an average of $85 for a dozen (plus $10 for delivery).



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