Onewed instead...

With all the wonderful inspiration websites and blogs, it is hard to narrow down which to be a loyal fan of.  Being a wedding vendor, the fun of planning a wedding seems to live on (and on and on and...

After countless hours of 'research', I found Onewed! Not only do they have fresh ideas to be inspired by, their new Ipad app that is easy, accessible, and simply aamazing :)

Here are a few of my favorites about Onewed:
  •  Each page offers great photos complete with links to articles that correspond or to the owner of the design making things simple and organized
  •  Speaking of organized: Onewed has done it right.  When browsing a page, they have crossed and recrossed organized your search to meet your needs whether you are focused on price, wedding theme or season
  •  Planning Guide:  articles that are worth reading!  From dresses for your body type to the Grooms ring 101 (you made them do their homework, now it's your turn)
  •   Inspiration with education:  since I am a florist, I totally dig these flower ideas for the style of bride and wedding you envision!
  • You can search local vendors (like a wonderful cincinnati florist)
So, download their new Ipad app and start your 'research' today


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