Blush and Bashful Inspiration Board

When it comes to creating a chic wedding, using roses and soft petaled flowers like peony are a staple.  Trends have been showing a navy or blue dress being a top choice for bridesmaids, but an ever growing neutral color palette is moving to center stage.  

Another top charting trend is using metallics throughout.  Gold (shown below) creates a wonderful compliment to the flowing flower arrangements.  Using it unexpectedly as a cake icing (below) is a 'wow' moment for any wedding.  

Blush and Bashful inspiration board

Gold vase creates a fun/classy take on a centerpiece.  The round compact bouquet stands strong as most popular bouquet shape.  Create a fun photo bridal party moment that is magazine spread worthy.  Simple rose petals and vases designed in a modern way. Detailed and elegant invitations set the tone and anticipation for what is to come for guests!
peony, hydrangea, and neutral toned bridesmaids dresses
Keeping the dresses at the same length and similar material is enough to create a stylish and cohesive bridal party

Metallic gold cake with flowers
This gold cake is a show stopper!  Guests won't miss the cake table with this glowing beauty.
The flowers at the center instead of the top is a modern take that will also help that top tier stay perfectly neat for you and your groom at your year anniversary tasting (IF people still do that).


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