Valentines Flower Tip of the Day

The Wrapped Bouquet

image thanks to Martha
You or your honey decided to go with a wrapped bouquet instead of a vased arrangement.  Great! Now what?  

1.  Unwrap the flowers and take all rubber bands and plastic bags off the flowers.  

2.  Strip the lower leaves or foliage off of the flowers.  Foliage that is submerged in water with the flowers harbors bacteria quickly, killing your flowers.  So, this is a VERY important step! If you are working with roses, remove the outside guard petals so the flower can open more quickly

3.  Fill a clean vase with warm water and the package of flower food provided.  
 *Vase not clean?  Use one part vinegar to three parts hot water and sit.  This will break down the calcium build up and bacteria in the vase.  
image thanks to DuFresh
 *Didn't get a package of flower food?  Use 1 tsp sugar and a few drops of bleach to a quart of water.  The sugar will act as the 'food' and the bleach will clean the water.

4. Use a Sharp non serrated knife to cut the flowers at an 45 degree angle. Cut about 1/4 inch off the end of the flower or enough so the end looks moist.  You have about 15 seconds to put the flower into water without having to recut before the flower air locks.

5.  Arrange the larger flowers first, then place the foliage around and finish with the smaller accent flowers.  More on how to arrange in my next tip of the day :) 

Image thanks to Martha


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